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all under control?

“You’re very calm for a new mother.” Those were the words I heard from the doctor when I took my 1 week old son in for a checkup. And there have been similar comments, such as:  “You look very at ease for this being your first.”  “You’re a very relaxed mom.”  etc. Yeah, well….. You […]

it’s a boy!


Pregnancy Round 2 Oh my goodness!  I’ve been so sick!!  You may remember when I was pregnant before that I had a problem with the computer making my morning sickness worse.    Well, this time it has been so much worse!  I’m told that’s a good sign…… Phase 1:  Made the discovery at about 6 […]

that’s okay

When I was a kid, my mom hated it when we shortened “okay” to “kay”.  She didn’t just dislike it, she utterly detested it!  She would correct us every time and make us say it correctly.  I must admit, I now get a little feeling of pleasure every time she texts me and I respond […]

empty arms

Last week, my husband and I went to see my midwife for a post-miscarriage visit.  At one point, toward the end of the visit, she was telling me of a conversation she’d had when she worked in a bank years ago.  Someone had lost a child to SIDS and that was the topic of the […]

then I sat down and cried

Beginning around age 12 and continuing for about the next 15 years, I kept a journal.  It was what I turned to during intense emotional pain.  I wrote things I couldn’t talk about.  Somehow it just always flowed better on paper than in conversation.  Or if it didn’t make any sense at all, that was […]

makes me sick…

I only had one week of what I would consider true morning sickness (though it definitely wasn’t “morning” because it lasted all day long!).  One solid week of nausea was enough for me and I pray that’s the extent of it!  But since then, I’ve been experiencing a lot of what I would describe as […]