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all under control?

“You’re very calm for a new mother.” Those were the words I heard from the doctor when I took my 1 week old son in for a checkup. And there have been similar comments, such as:  “You look very at ease for this being your first.”  “You’re a very relaxed mom.”  etc. Yeah, well….. You […]

it’s a boy!

home + kids = tidy??

Is it possible?  Is it necessary?  Here’s a great post from my new favorite blog. Why It’s Important To Keep A Tidy Home While Your Children Are Young Most of us young homemaking mamas grew up with people like Martha Stewart and magazines like Good Housekeeping, Southern Living…the list goes on.  All of these sources […]


Pregnancy Round 2 Oh my goodness!  I’ve been so sick!!  You may remember when I was pregnant before that I had a problem with the computer making my morning sickness worse.    Well, this time it has been so much worse!  I’m told that’s a good sign…… Phase 1:  Made the discovery at about 6 […]

I can relate

we’re better together

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in just a few days.  It has been two glorious years!  Every girl has, whether in her mind or on paper, a list of what she wants in a guy.  I can’t say that my husband has all the things that were on my list, but he has a […]

that’s okay

When I was a kid, my mom hated it when we shortened “okay” to “kay”.  She didn’t just dislike it, she utterly detested it!  She would correct us every time and make us say it correctly.  I must admit, I now get a little feeling of pleasure every time she texts me and I respond […]