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so my husband thinks he’s an introvert

“I was forced into being extroverted from living alone for 10 years.” …… says the person who never met a stranger when he was a child. During those 10 years, he developed a reputation.  He constantly spent time at other people’s houses and would not leave until that person finally said, “I’m going to bed.” […]

we’re better together

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in just a few days.  It has been two glorious years!  Every girl has, whether in her mind or on paper, a list of what she wants in a guy.  I can’t say that my husband has all the things that were on my list, but he has a […]

is this really me?

Do you ever sit back and look at your life and wonder if it’s really real or just a dream?  Do you ever wonder, “I don’t feel any different, how is my life so different?” For 28 years, my life remained relatively the same.  Lived in the same house, hung out with the same people, […]

good news!

My husband and I are expecting our first child!!!

who comes first?

I copied this from The Peaceful Wife’s blog.  Today she wrote about how a wife can improve her marriage by making God the most important person in her life.  Not her husband, not herself… God.  She included a list of clues that a wife may not be relying on God and looking to Him for […]

oh, I thought you said…

“I believe our friend was at least partially deaf.” “How’d you figure that one out?” “By asking myself a very simple question: ‘Why was he wearing a hearing aid?’ “ ~~~~~ My husband has a hearing problem.  No, really.  Not selective hearing like most husbands. 🙂  I mean he really can’t hear very well.  He […]

pray for him

A friend sent me something on facebook a few months ago.  It was a list of thirty-one ways to pray for your husband.  I was already praying for my husband every day.  But, usually I end up saying the same thing day after day.  I get to the point sometimes when I just want to […]