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home + kids = tidy??

Is it possible?  Is it necessary?  Here’s a great post from my new favorite blog. Why It’s Important To Keep A Tidy Home While Your Children Are Young Most of us young homemaking mamas grew up with people like Martha Stewart and magazines like Good Housekeeping, Southern Living…the list goes on.  All of these sources […]

organizational skills

Today, I want to share a post from one of my favorite blogs – Organizing Made Fun.  Someone once asked me how organizing can be fun.  I guess it’s just who I am, but I absolutely love to organize.  The kitchen area at our church is currently being remodeled.  When it was announced, my first […]

faking it?

Last week, for the first time since I got married, I didn’t scramble to clean the house in order for someone to come over. You’d think I should have been prepared enough to look after one man.  I grew up with five brothers!  I guess that living on my own for two years made me […]