so my husband thinks he’s an introvert

“I was forced into being extroverted from living alone for 10 years.” …… says the person who never met a stranger when he was a child. During those 10 years, he developed a reputation.  He constantly spent time at other people’s houses and would not leave until that person finally said, “I’m going to bed.” […]

all under control?

“You’re very calm for a new mother.” Those were the words I heard from the doctor when I took my 1 week old son in for a checkup. And there have been similar comments, such as:  “You look very at ease for this being your first.”  “You’re a very relaxed mom.”  etc. Yeah, well….. You […]

it’s a boy!

home + kids = tidy??

Is it possible?  Is it necessary?  Here’s a great post from my new favorite blog. Why It’s Important To Keep A Tidy Home While Your Children Are Young Most of us young homemaking mamas grew up with people like Martha Stewart and magazines like Good Housekeeping, Southern Living…the list goes on.  All of these sources […]

that’s just weird…

Popular things I find strange or a little disturbing I see these things on Pinterest and facebook all the time and I just have to ask myself why………… footprints made into pictures elf on the shelf hump day

10 books

There are times when I see a book or hear a title and it sounds familiar, I think I may have read it but I don’t remember for sure.  (That kinda just happens when you’ve read hundreds of books.)  Then there are times when I read a book and almost every detail sticks with me.  […]

baby shoes

A couple of months ago, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  My cousin was born with spina bifida and after trying for about 5 years and finally being told she would probably never be able to get pregnant, God gave her a miracle.  I wanted to give her a special gift, so […]