our healthy-eating cookout menu

Six weeks ago, due to health issues, my husband and I began an elimination diet to see if we have any food sensitivities, and to give our bodies a rest and a chance to heal.  It’s a very limited diet.  The things we have to eliminate are many of the foods we eat on a […]

southwestern egg rolls

Southwestern Egg Rolls is one of my favorite appetizers at Chili’s, so I was delighted to find a recipe for them on Pinterest!  The recipe is excellent. Last week, I decided to add them to my weekly dinner menu.  Well, the grocery store was out of egg roll wrappers, so I decided to use tortillas […]

the art of substitution

I’m so thankful I learned this invaluable lesson from my mom as I was growing up.  There’s something….. satisfying…. about knowing how to make do.  I think I would’ve given up a long time ago if I’d never learned how to effectively substitute.  It’s useful in so many areas of homemaking! We have 3 pear […]

breakfast time

I absolutely LOVE granola bars.  Granola bars are the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of my adult life.  I could live on them alone.  Almost.  But, one of my goals is to eat healthier food, and granola bars usually have a lot of sugar and preservatives and additives.  Sadly, I haven’t eaten one in about […]

the necessity of cooking

I love to cook, but most of the time it’s done purely out of necessity.  I make dinner for my husband and me every night almost every night.  We eat out only about once a week.  I rarely truly enjoy my cooking time because my body says, “I”m tired.  Let’s get this over with.”  When […]