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home + kids = tidy??

Is it possible?  Is it necessary?  Here’s a great post from my new favorite blog.


Why It’s Important To Keep A Tidy Home While Your Children Are Young

Most of us young homemaking mamas grew up with people like Martha Stewart and magazines like Good Housekeeping, Southern Living…the list goes on.  All of these sources told us that we had to strive for perfection.  Perfection in decor, cleanliness, and all things “home”.  Many women busted their behinds to match the pictures in the magazines they were reading, or worse-they gave up completely, feeling inferior, feeling “why bother” since their time, budget, and creative juices couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of The Great Martha.

In answer to this extreme standard of unrealistic homemaker-ness, I’ve seen a pull in the opposite direction, mostly in the past few years.  The pull, I believe is too far in that opposite direction.  This school of thought is more like ‘who cares about the house, we’re raising precious little minds here!’ and little signs hung such as ‘don’t mind the mess, we’re making memories’.  As a result, kiddos are being raised without the skills needed to take care of their belongings, their surroundings, and taking pride in their dwelling.  I have no judgement for either of these “extremes”, we all lean toward an extreme from time to time-I’m merely offering, what I think is a perspective with a solution.

Read the rest of what Heather has to say here.


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