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we’re better together

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in just a few days.  It has been two glorious years!  Every girl has, whether in her mind or on paper, a list of what she wants in a guy.  I can’t say that my husband has all the things that were on my list, but he has a few that weren’t.  In the trailer for the movie Hitch, there’s a line that goes something like this:  “You are everything I never knew I always wanted.”  That’s one of my favorite lines to say to my husband.  God knows me better than I do and made him perfect for me by giving him characteristics that I needed but wasn’t looking for.  So, in honor of our anniversary, here are 4 things that I never knew I needed in a guy until I had him.0119

  1. He loves books and reading ~ I didn’t know I needed someone who completely understands my fascination with books, a husband who not only is ok with but actually shares my passionate dream of one day owning a house with a library.  It’s so amazing that someone besides my sister doesn’t think I’ve lost it because I’ve lost myself in a book.  I knew I’d married a treasure when he told me it felt sacrilegious to sell some books we didn’t like.  (The only thing that convinced him was that it would make room for more.)
  2. He enjoys plays and orchestra concerts ~ I’ve loved that sort of thing for years, and I hoped to marry someone who wouldn’t mind occasionally attending with me, but I never imagined the man I would marry would enjoy it.  I mean, what are the odds of a camping, hunting, fishing, gun-loving, man’s man also enjoying the arts?  But he does!
  3. His love language is the same as mine ~ (First, let me say that if you haven’t read The 5 Love Languages, read it.)  I wanted a man who wasn’t ashamed to show affection, but I never knew how much it would mean to me that he needed it as much as I did!  Both of us “speak” the primary language of physical touch.  For both of us, that language is significantly dominant, scoring far above the others.  Yes, we are that couple that you can’t see light between, the huggy kissy snuggly couple that grosses everybody out.  But to have someone show me love in the best way he knows how and it be exactly what I need is indescribable.
  4. He has a very relaxed personality ~ This is probably the biggest one that I’m the most thankful for.  I never knew I needed a husband like this until we were dating and interacting as a couple.  He reacted so calmly to my mistakes and my failures.  All the guys in my family are dominaters with strong personalities and control issues.  I was used to that.  That was normal to me.  But I’ve always had a relatively quiet and sensitive personality.  To have my man react in his calm relaxed way was huge!  It has made me feel absolutely amazing!  It encourages me to keep trying and not give up, and that even when I mess up he’s ok with that.  For this I am eternally grateful!



One comment on “we’re better together

  1. This made me laugh!
    Oh, sister, I know you so well… 😉

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