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keep-calm-get-organized-blueToday, I want to share a post from one of my favorite blogs – Organizing Made Fun.  Someone once asked me how organizing can be fun.  I guess it’s just who I am, but I absolutely love to organize.  The kitchen area at our church is currently being remodeled.  When it was announced, my first thought was, “Ooh!  Ooh!  Can I be the one to organize the new cabinets and storage areas?  Pick me!  Pick me!!”  I actually got excited at the prospect.  Is that weird?  My mind simply cannot comprehend disorganized people.  It hurts my brain.

Anyway, Becky just shared a list of right and wrong ways to organize.  I thought it was a great list, so I’m going to share a condensed version of it.  To see her full post, click the link a the end.


  • try to organize everything like you see on Pinterest
  • expect it to be easy.  The longer you’ve neglected it, the harder it will be.
  • give up after 5 minutes (or in my case, 5 days!)
  • feel bad about asking for help
  • overdo it by not giving yourself enough time
  • put things in places that don’t make sense
  • forget to put things back in their permanent spot
  • expect everyone in your house to automatically know your organizing system

And I’d like to add one of my own:  Don’t make it difficult!  A simple system is best.  Especially if you or your family members are not natural organizers, it can be overwhelming to keep it organized.


  • use Pinterest for inspiration
  • have realistic expectations for cleaning out a space
  • consider what you can do without, you don’t have to keep everything
  • know when to ask for help, from a friend or even a professional
  • focus on one task at a time
  • put things in logical places and use labels when necessary
  • make it a habit to put things back in their proper places
  • teach your children to make it a habit as well, but you must lead by example
  • be flexible, do what works for you.  Realize that there is not only one right way.  Try several different things, if you wish, to see which works best.

OMF Organizing Tips


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