that’s okay

When I was a kid, my mom hated it when we shortened “okay” to “kay”.  She didn’t just dislike it, she utterly detested it!  She would correct us every time and make us say it correctly.  I must admit, I now get a little feeling of pleasure every time she texts me and I respond with “k”. *evil grin*



3 comments on “that’s okay

  1. I hate k! Makes me despise the letter altogether. It is fun to text it to other people though if you know it irritates them. Everything has an up side.

  2. HaHa! Shame on you! 😉
    Personally, it drives me crazy when someone does that & I always put “ok”, but you go right ahead if it puts that evil grin on your face. 😉

  3. I’m generally pretty grammatically correct otherwise when I text. 🙂

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