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southwestern egg rolls

Southwestern Egg Rolls is one of my favorite appetizers at Chili’s, so I was delighted to find a recipe for them on Pinterest!  The recipe is excellent.Southwestern Egg Rolls

Last week, I decided to add them to my weekly dinner menu.  Well, the grocery store was out of egg roll wrappers, so I decided to use tortillas instead.  I slathered on a big spoonful of sour cream, stuffed them with the filling, and toasted them in a skillet (resembling a Grilled Stuffed Burrito from Taco Bell).  Delicious!!

It had been a while since I made the egg rolls and I had forgotten how much the recipe actually makes, so I had a lot of filling left over (especially since I added meat).  I made a salad and topped it with a generous portion of reheated filling.  Amazing!  I’m thinking it would make a nice enchilada filling, or layer it with rice or tortilla chips and cheese for a casserole.  It’s so nice when you can find different ways to use leftovers instead of just eating the same old thing until it’s gone.

Here’s the recipe:  Southwestern Egg Rolls  (I added a pound of ground beef, browned and seasoned with salt and pepper.)


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