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that’s interesting

What Intrigues Me:  mental illness and the paranormal

I know, that probably sounds pretty strange.  Sometimes it feels strange to be so intrigued by these things.  I suppose one reason I’m so drawn to these subjects is because they both represent something that is not what it might at first appear to be.  They are much deeper, much more involved.  And because sometimes there is no explanation.  My mind is very analytical.  I like to research, I like to find out why, I like to know how things work.  These topics go against that.  They’re a challenge.  Also because I love almost anything involving mystery, and these are definitely a mystery.

I generally don’t watch horror movies that involve paranormal activity or disturbing mental illnesses because they’re typically (especially modern ones) pretty graphic.  I can’t say I’m not drawn to them.  I linger on them while browsing the shelves of the movie rental store, but I usually pass them by.  I do, however, enjoy some of the less scary fictional stories.  One of my favorites is “The Yellow Wallpaper” which I heard on the 1940’s radio show “Suspense”.  What I really like is to watch documentary type shows that talk about real incidents and give possible explanations.  I’m not really seeking a high from being frightened by special effects and jump scenes, I want facts.

My husband recently cleaned out his car and brought in a textbook from a college class he’d taken a while back.  The title?  Abnormal Psychology.  It has been sitting on the kitchen table beckoning to me, begging to be read or at least browsed.  (Yes, I sometimes read textbooks for fun.)  A few years ago, I came across a website documenting hundreds of actual events of what was believed to be paranormal activity throughout history.  I bookmarked it and read them in my spare time.  Nothing arouses my curiosity more than these two subjects.  To me they are both, in their own way, fascinating……….. captivating………………… intriguing.

And what has more paranormal activity than a deserted insane asylum?


One comment on “that’s interesting

  1. We are so much alike that it scares me sometimes! I was just thinking about mental illnesses & paranormal activity this morning. It really is so fascinating! Then, I got on here and guess what I see… 😉

    Have you read “Nightmare” by Robin Parrish?

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