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makes me sick…

I only had one week of what I would consider true morning sickness (though it definitely wasn’t “morning” because it lasted all day long!).  One solid week of nausea was enough for me and I pray that’s the extent of it!  But since then, I’ve been experiencing a lot of what I would describe as a general tummy ache, headache, and just over-all not feeling well.  There seems to be certain things that trigger it.  Certain smells, certain foods, bumpy roads…  I’m still trying to figure out what all those things are, but one I know…. the computer.  Yes, spending time on the computer makes me feel sick.  If I’m on the computer for as much as a half hour, I start feeling very sick.  I further discovered that just looking at the screen while my husband was on the computer was also making me begin to feel sick.  How weird is that?  There’s got to be something to that.  Just not sure what it is…..

So, I’ve been doing my best to limit my time to about 10 minutes a couple times a day to check email and facebook.  I’ve noticed a difference.  So if I don’t post for a while, you know why. 🙂  Don’t give up, I’ll be back!


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