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oh, I thought you said…

“I believe our friend was at least partially deaf.”

“How’d you figure that one out?”

“By asking myself a very simple question: ‘Why was he wearing a hearing aid?’ “


My husband has a hearing problem.  No, really.  Not selective hearing like most husbands. 🙂  I mean he really can’t hear very well.  He was born that way.  He’s worn hearing aids since he was a child.  It makes life interesting to say the least.  It took some getting used to when we got married…. figuring out what he can hear and what he can’t.  For example, I can’t whisper in his ear when I’m lying next to him in bed at night, I have to speak in my normal voice.  Even when he’s wearing his hearing aids, I can’t talk to him from another room.  That’s something I’m still trying to get used to.  I grew up in a trailer house where we called to each other from one end of the house to the other!

We have fun with it though.  It’s the source of a lot of the comedy that goes on in our house.  He has this habit that he’s had for a long time.  When he doesn’t hear something correctly, he makes up something that sounds very similar to what was said and repeats it back.  It’s like it’s contagious because I now catch myself doing the same thing to him!  Even though I know perfectly well what he said!

There are so many occurrences that it would be impossible to remember them all, but here’s one that sticks in my mind.

I believe we were in the bedroom and he was heading to the kitchen.

As he left the room, I called after him, “Will you please turn the oven on?”

A few minutes later I walk into the kitchen.  He’s standing there looking really confused.

me: “Did you turn on the oven?”

him: smiles “Oh, that’s what you said!”

me: “What did you think I said?”

him: “Will you clean your underarms.”

A conversation that happened recently went something like this:

me: “Goodnight, Baby.”

him: “I love you too.”

me: giggles

him: “That’s…… not….. what you said, is it?”

Both of us burst into laughter.

Between this and text message auto correct (I got one last week that said “feel free to get manure”) we keep each other laughing, that’s for sure!


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