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I love Pinterest.  I have a board specifically for our house.  We’re in the process of totally redoing the entire house.  If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I know I would have never happened across most of these projects or decorating ideas.  But at the same time, it can be overwhelming.  My friend posted this on facebook today:

“Sites like Pinterest can be great tools (especially for we women!), tools for cultivating and appreciating beauty, for living healthier, happier lifestyles.  But they can also be tools of destruction, causing women to think their own lives or ideas or expressions of beauty aren’t good enough.  To all my gal friends I’d just like to say, You’re beautiful, your homes are beautiful and YOU are doing a GREAT job!”

That is so true!  I’m not the type of person who is easily swayed towards the latest fashions or trends, so it’s not that hard for me to resist those beautiful photos of overdone birthday parties and spectacular date nights.  But I can understand how someone could be influenced by it all.  When I was planning our wedding, I hadn’t been introduced to Pinterest yet, but I did read hundreds of articles and look at millions of photos on many wedding websites.  Let me tell you!  They are bent on leading brides to believe they need so many unnecessary things!  One article on The Knot even went so far as to attempt to persuade a bride that she must decorate the bathrooms at the ceremony and reception sites to match the theme of the wedding!!!  Seriously?!  It’s no surprise that the majority of brides go way over their budget.  Even I began to feel dissatisfied with my own wedding that was almost exactly what I had always dreamed of.

It can be the same way with sites like Pinterest.  Imagine those bridal websites with all those outrageous suggestions.  Now imagine websites like that for every area of life.  That basically describes Pinterest.  Good moms begin to believe that they’re bad moms if they don’t give their children elaborate themed birthday parties for which they lay down a hundred bucks in decor alone.  Otherwise happily married couples begin to feel that their marriage is missing something because they don’t have a carefully planned date night every week.  Ordinarily good cooks get discouraged because they weren’t able to make cake pops for a baby shower.  (I speak from experience on that one!)  Women are deceived into believing that the life they have (and have been enjoying) just isn’t good enough.  When they start living the Pinterest way, are they happier?  Do they have more peaceful, joy-filled lives?  I doubt it.  Their lives are probably more complicated than ever before.  Pinterest is great.  Just don’t let it control you and leave you dissatisfied.

Now that I have that off my chest, here are a couple of projects I’ve done recently that I found on Pinterest.

My homemade Roman shade.  Total cost:  $10.  I made it with a mini blind and a yard of fabric, using these instructions (with slight alterations).  I was already planning to make one using a kit I’d found at a craft store.  But this was so much easier and way cheaper!  Using the kit would’ve cost around $35.  I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!  I’m so happy with it!

My magnetic “spice tin” pencil holder.  Total cost:  free.  (I already had magnets, left over from another craft.)  This photo caught my attention because I came across this tin while cleaning out the cabinets.  I’d been considering a magnetic pen or pencil to stick on the fridge next to my shopping list.  I like this much better.  It’s just so cute!


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  1. […] so the only thing it cost me was time!  You may remember the Roman blind I made for the kitchen (here).  The striped fabric and the lining were both extra from that.  The ribbon was formerly wedding […]

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