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I feel like Melvin!

…Those were the words I said to my sister when I told her this story. There’s always that one member of the extended family……  You know the one.  Strange personality, strange interests, strange hobbies.  You find ways to avoid conversing with him at family gatherings.  And it’s been that way as long as you can […]

oh, I thought you said…

“I believe our friend was at least partially deaf.” “How’d you figure that one out?” “By asking myself a very simple question: ‘Why was he wearing a hearing aid?’ “ ~~~~~ My husband has a hearing problem.  No, really.  Not selective hearing like most husbands. 🙂  I mean he really can’t hear very well.  He […]


I love Pinterest.  I have a board specifically for our house.  We’re in the process of totally redoing the entire house.  If it wasn’t for Pinterest, I know I would have never happened across most of these projects or decorating ideas.  But at the same time, it can be overwhelming.  My friend posted this on […]

pray for him

A friend sent me something on facebook a few months ago.  It was a list of thirty-one ways to pray for your husband.  I was already praying for my husband every day.  But, usually I end up saying the same thing day after day.  I get to the point sometimes when I just want to […]

unsolicited advice?

How do you feel about random strangers giving you advice?  I’m not talking about advice that makes you feel like they’re trying to run your life because whatever you’re currently doing is annoying them (like how to handle your children).  I mean something more genuine.  I can think of a few examples: – A girl […]