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Why are Americans so fascinated with British English?  Why do we love to imitate the accent?  I don’t know, but I am and I do.  Until recently, my listening experience has been mostly limited to period dramas, which means I’m not very familiar with their modern vocabulary.  I’ve been listening to BBC Radio dramas almost every day for the past few months and I’ve picked up on many things that I never noticed before.

Apart from the fact that they drop the “r” from the end of everything and the “h” from the beginning of everything, here are five things I love so much I want to incorporate them into my everyday speaking. 🙂

1.  weekEND instead of WEEKend

2.  telly = tv

3.  in hospital

4.  ring off = hang up

5.  privacy with a short i

and my husband’s favorite:  oi = hey


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