thanks “dad”

Many years ago, my husband’s dad planted lots of trees.  I don’t know how long ago he planted them, he’s been gone almost 12 years.  I didn’t know him well at all, but it’s obvious to me now that he loved his yard and wanted it to be beautiful.  I seriously doubt he ever thought, “I’m going to plant some trees for my son and his wife to enjoy when they live here.”  I’m sure he never imagined it would give his future daughter-in-law so much pleasure to be surrounded by the blossoms in spring and the fiery hues in fall.  He probably never stood back and said to himself, “One day, the woman who lives here will come home from a long day at work and this sight will make her smile and sigh.  One day, nature will cause the blooms to begin on the east end and over the next few weeks gradually continue down the line toward the west.  And in the fall, the leaves will change in the same pattern.  This will make her happy.  One day she will come home to find the ground covered in brightly colored leaves.  It will remind her of her wedding day when everyone showered her and my son with orange rose petals.  Her heart will swell with the memory and feel as if nature itself is celebrating for them again.  One day she will stand in this house and look out the windows just to see this.”  He didn’t know.  All those years ago, he had no idea.  But God did.  He knew I needed this.  He knew how much I would love it and how much joy it would bring me so He put the idea in my father-in-law’s mind.

Thank you, God.


7 comments on “thanks “dad”

  1. How beautiful! Love the pictures of the trees and love the tribute to your father-in-law!

  2. This is truly a lovely post!

  3. Beautiful trees and beautiful thoughts!

  4. lovely photos ~ celebrating beauty w/ you..
    perhaps he took God’s command to be keepers of His Creation seriously…;)

  5. Stopping by as part of the Come To The Table hop. Love the beautiful pictures of those trees – what a great heritage to pass on!

    Susan M (blog: Loves 2 Read)

  6. I love your pictures! I love the flowering trees in the spring, and the deep red and orange colors in the fall. A wonderful legacy left by your father-in-law. 🙂

  7. What a sweet post! So glad you shared it with us at Come to the Table. Blessings!

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