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setting goals

My husband and I decided over lunch last week that setting goals is the best way for us accomplish things.  We are going to set several short-term goals that will have specific time limits.  Part of the goal will be to reach it within a certain time.  I really dislike goals like “I will exercise every day for a month.”  If you miss one day, you’ve lost.  What’s the point of continuing to the end of the month?  You have to start over.  Goals like “I will lose 5 pounds by the end of the month” make much more sense to me.  Each of our goals will be specific, realistic, and time restrained.  (helpful link here)

Our first goal is to have a yard sale.  When we got married and I moved into his house last March, we had every intention of cleaning out his closets, his attic, his garage… everything!… and having a yard sale during the summer.  Well, life happened and we got busy doing other things and the sale never happened.  I finally set a date as fall approached, but wasn’t able to get things together enough, so it was cancelled.  This year, I am determined!  We sat down together and made a list of all the things that need to be accomplished in order to have a yard sale.  I function better with lists (the obsessive organizer in me).  Then we estimated how long it would take to get all that done and set a date.  I feel better just knowing we have a plan!

Our other goals will include weight loss/exercise, healthy eating, and home repair projects.  We’re going to walk through each room and make a list of everything we need to fix or would like to change.  Then we can prioritize and set goals to get it done.  I’m looking forward to how much we can accomplish this year!


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