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a pound of good intentions

It’s a common belief that a girl marries a guy like her dad.  My husband and my dad are very different.  Oh, they have some similar hobbies and interests, but their personalities are so different that it has taken quite some getting used to. Ma and Pa Kettle However, there is one characteristic that I see prominent in both of them.  I like to call it the Pa Kettle Syndrome.  If you’ve ever watched the old black and white Ma and Pa Kettle shows, you would know that Pa’s famous phrase goes something like this:  “Been meanin’ to fix that….. one of these days.”  I appreciate the fact that they actually think of doing things.  I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that they somehow learn to ignore them.  I think it must have something to do with the male one-track mind thing.  I, myself, am constantly reminded of the things I need to do.  As I move about the house cooking or getting ready for work, I notice things.  That closet really needs reorganizing, the weeds are getting thick in the rose garden, the dining room table project still isn’t finished, and so on.  I cannot overlook those things and they eventually get to me and I simply must act before I go mad!  I’m not saying that either my dad or my husband are lazy.  They’re not!  But they both have great plans of building, changing, repairing, cleaning, tearing down, moving, hauling off….  Do they ever act on it?  Rarely.  When they have the time, they always find something they’d rather do.  Can I change that famous quote a little and say “an ounce of action is worth a pound of intention”?  I’m not talking about their dreams for the future, I’m talking about things that really need to be done.  You plan to replace the floor in the kitchen?  Amazing!!  So… when?  I’m tired of tripping on the holes in the linoleum.  You plan to haul off those old useless appliances or that scrap pile that’s been accumulating for the past five years?  Great!  That’s awesome!

Now please do it.  Like now.  Like this weekend.  No really, I mean it.


One comment on “a pound of good intentions

  1. LOL!! That is so true! Love the name you’ve given this “syndrome”.

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