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Not so much New Year’s resolutions per se, it was just a convenient time for me to make some changes.  I had almost two weeks off from work in December and that gave me a chance to get things in order so I could start fresh.  I did a ton of cleaning up and cleaning out.  I did a lot of organizing.  I made a cleaning schedule, a meal list, a quick list for meal shopping.  I printed off all of the online recipes I use and put them in my cookbook.  I still feel like a work in progress, I have a long way to go to be where I want to be.

I’ve been married for ten months and I am still trying to get settled into a groove.  I feel like our lives stay in a constant state of disarray with little glimpses of non-chaos.  For example, we have moved the furniture in our living room more than five times so far.  That’s right, “so far” means we’re not done yet!  We moved it to pull down paneling, then back to usable positions until we could get the walls textured.  We moved it to scrape off the ceiling texture on one side of the room, then moved it again to do the other side.  We moved it as we painted the ceiling, we moved it as we painted walls….  Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that, we moved out the old furniture and brought in new.  I finished up painting the final wall last week and moved everything to exactly where we want it.  It feels so good to see the living room in order for a change!  But we still have to install baseboards and crown molding.  You get the idea.  But for the moment, it feels done.  And I think that because it gives me comfort.


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