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just give me 15 minutes

I got my new workout DVD in the mail today! 🙂 I love T-Tapp.  Let’s just start by establishing that fact.  I have scoliosis and had extensive back surgery when I was 19.  I quickly realized that I have to stay active to keep from having a lot of back pain.  Talk about incentive for […]

faking it?

Last week, for the first time since I got married, I didn’t scramble to clean the house in order for someone to come over. You’d think I should have been prepared enough to look after one man.  I grew up with five brothers!  I guess that living on my own for two years made me […]

a pound of good intentions

It’s a common belief that a girl marries a guy like her dad.  My husband and my dad are very different.  Oh, they have some similar hobbies and interests, but their personalities are so different that it has taken quite some getting used to.  However, there is one characteristic that I see prominent in both […]

my dream

Sometimes I dream of one day becoming an upcycling clothing designer.  I want to make new clothes from old clothes, or from old curtains, or from an old tablecloth, or…….  I have all these ideas and inspirations running through my mind!  I see stuff on Etsy and Pinterest and I think, “I could do that!”  […]


Not so much New Year’s resolutions per se, it was just a convenient time for me to make some changes.  I had almost two weeks off from work in December and that gave me a chance to get things in order so I could start fresh.  I did a ton of cleaning up and cleaning […]